Friday, July 30, 2010

What is Baha'i Faith ?

Baha’i Faith is a pseudo-religion created by British / Russian / American colonialist conspiracy.

The main centre of the Baha’is is in Haifa, Israel where the Baha’is keep on traveling for visit to their holy shrines. Their administrative activities are all handled and co-ordinated by the Universal House of Justice (UHJ) located in Haifa, Israel. The Baha’is takes their order from Universal House of Justice, which in turn is controlled by International Zionism.

Baha’ism has been banned by many of the Muslims and Non Muslim countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Muscat, Indonesia, Bangladesh Korea, Germany etc and most of their websites have been blocked as they are spreading false propaganda and misguiding the Muslim community especially the youth.

Robert Dreyfuss in his 1980 book ‘Hostage to Khomeini’, states :

“Today the Baha’i cult is hated in Iran, and is considered correctly to be an arm of the British Crown”.

Dr Sa’eed Khan, a teacher of Christianity in Persia, who mentions the Baha’is in the 1926 book ‘Mission Problems in New Persia’,

“it appears that as hard as the Baha'is might have tried over the years to dismiss what they label "conspiracy theories" regarding their connections to the British establishment, more and more such theories continue to persist while with each day more evidence emerges proving these theories as fact rather than theory”.

Baha’is are secretive group of spies working underground. Baha’is actively promote the state of Israel using effective methods of advocacy. Baha’is attempt to convince others that Jerusalem must remain the capital of the state of Israel, in reciprocation for its allowing them to construct their World Center in Mount Carmel, Israel.

The Baha’i faith is more dangerous than Jews and colonialism, and “even Jews fear the Baha’is”.

More than 25% of reports distorting the image of Indonesia politically, socially, religiously and economically that are sent to international organizations are from the Baha’is of Indonesia. Baha’i immigrants are more dangerous to Islam than foreign spies and agents .

Baha’is usually visit mosques not for praying but for preying on Muslim community, for gaining information about the Muslim community. They marry decisively to Muslim women saying that they are Muslims.

They conduct children classes under the grab of Moral teachings for conversion of tender children and youths as young as 10 years, sometimes lying to the parents and sometimes asking the children not to inform their parents.

In Indonesia they have contacts with TV stations & Press Media for the publicity.

The chief Police in Tulungagung has announced that all Baha'i activity must be stopped.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Aims and Objectives of Baha’i Faith

The main objectives of Baha’is are :
  1. Defending the Zionist occupation of Palestine. 
  2. Acting as a major agent in strengthening the Zionists regime.
  3. Undermining the Muslim unity.
  4. Gathering information of other Muslim/Non Muslim countries.
  5. Converting the innocent followers of other religions into Baha’ism, a pseudo Religion devoid of any Morality.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Baha’ism and Imperialism

Russian, British and Zionist imperialism has always been involved in all the affairs including creation, continuation and spread of the activities of this pseudo Faith.

This sect was originally created to serve the objectives of Czarist Russian government. After the fall of Czar Government the Baha’ism went into the hands of British imperialism and with Zionist occupation of Palestine its controlled went into the Hands of International Zionism.

Russian imperialism
The coming into existence of Baha’ism, was a result of the Czarist Russian Government’s political and imperialistic objectives, and was founded by Russian spies under the supervision of the Russian Emperor Aleksandr II Nikolaevich.

Baha’ism was a medium for the Czarist government’s penetration in the Qajar establishment in Iran and other countries.

British imperialism
In Baghdad and Turkey, it was a British Affiliated Political affair employed to weaken and bring about the downfall of Ottoman Empire.

International Zionism
After the establishment of the Zionist Regime in Palestine, Baha’ism became a tool in the hands of Zionism.

The Baha’i Faith is part of a colonial conspiracy to disturb the targeted societies. Examples of such alleged conspiracies are abundant.

British Support to Mirza Hussein Ali (Baha’u’llah)

Part of “A Brief History of Nabil Zarandi” (‘Dawnbreakers’ by Shoghi Effendi) reads.
“The Russian ambassador refused to surrender His Holiness Baha’u’llah to the Shah’s agent, told His Holiness to go to the Prime Minister’s home, and wrote a letter to the Prime Minister saying: You should receive His Holiness on my behalf and you must make every effort to protect this token of trust. Should any harm come to His Holiness Baha’u’llah you will be personally responsible to the Russian Embassy.”
Shoghi Effendi writes in “God Passes By”, pg 41
“…Some years later, in a writing by His Holiness to honor Emperor Nikolaevich Aleksandr II of Russia, His Holiness Baha’u’llah appreciated the gesture by the ambassador, saying “…When I was in Prison in chains, one of your Majesty’s ambassadors came to my aid. In recognition of this service, God has given you a high office”
British support to Mirza Hussein Ali even after he was exiled from Iran.
On page 125, volume II of God Passes by, Shoghi Effendi writes
“Colonel Sir Arnold Campbell wrote a friendly letter to His Holiness Baha’u’llah and proposed to him sovereign government acceptance to support His Holiness.”
…He even went as far as to say that,
“He is prepared to arrange to settle him in India (British Colony) or any other place His Holiness might wish.”
Espionage activities of Abbas Effendi for British Government earned him the title of “SIR”
At the outset of World War I, the leadership of Baha’ism was in the hands of Abbas Effendi, the eldest son of Baha’u’llah. This man pretended to be a Muslim and attended congregational prayers of Muslims in spite of the apparent prohibition by the Baha’i faith. (“God Passes By” by Shoghi Effendi, Vol. 3, pg 318)
However, as soon as the British imperialists scored victories in the war with the Ottomans, which drew Palestine into conflict, the Baha’is acted as a powerful espionage group in support of the British Government and against the Muslims and the Ottoman government.
Abbas Effendi (Abdul Baha) went so far that Jamal Pasha, commander of the Ottoman forces, decided to hang him on the slope of Mount Carmel. (“God Passes By” by Shoghi Effendi vol 3, pg 297)
As soon as the British cabinet received news of this through the British army intelligence, Lord Curzon and Lord Lamington began taking measures, and Lord Balfour, the British Foreign Minister (promoter of the Zionist government) immediately cabled General Allenby, commander of the British forces in Palestine, ordering him to use all his power to protect Abbas Effendi, his family and friends. After conquering Haifa and saving Abbas Effendi from Jamal Pasha, he transmitted a cable to London and reported the safety and health of Abbas Effendi to the officials.  (“God Passes By” by Shoghi Effendi vol 3, pg 297)

Abbas Effendi was rewarded with a large amount of money and as well a Knighthood bearing the title of “SIR”.

In this connection, Bloomfield writes “…The British Government honored Abdul Baha (Abbas Effendi) with a Knighthood, which he accepted as a gesture of honoring formally by a just king”

Abbas Effendi wrote a letter of gratitude “O God, the tabernacle of justice has truly been erected on this holy land, and we thank and praise Thee. O God, may Emperor George V, Ruler of Britain, be assisted in his divine achievements, and May his shadow over this realm be everlasting.”
(Makatib by Abbas Effendi, vol 3 pg 347)

Note : How this imposturous religious hypocrite had interpreted the aggression of the British forces and the defeat of the Muslims in terms of “erection of the tabernacle of justice”, how he thanked and praised God, how he esteemed the British Emperor and how he prayed to God for continuation of the British rule over the Islamic territory of Palestine.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Muslim leaders reaction to this Zionist group

The Baha’i religion in the USSR, after the fall of Czar Government was strongly suppressed in 1928 and completely prohibited in 1938. Similarly the Baha’i religion was banned in 1960 in the United Arab Republic; that is, in Egypt and Syria. This was not due to opposition by the Muslim clergy alone but because Baha’ism was only a political party involved in politics and espionage activities in a very secret way. 

One realizes again that since all Christian denominations are tolerated in the USSR as well as in the UAR, there must be special reasons for this ban. 

These Governments viewed The Baha’i Administration as the "state within a state”

The Baha’is cooperation with the newly arrived Zionist was so apparent that Gamal Abdul–Nasser ordered the removals of all Baha’i Communities from Egypt. The “Bureau for Boycott of Israel” organized by the Islamic countries, subjected the Baha’is to the boycott for cooperating with Israel.

President Saddam Hussein put a complete ban on Baha’i activities and dismantled Baha’i Administration completely in 1968. He gave orders that any Baha’i activities will be met with Death Sentence.

The resistance, which the Persian government raised against the Baha’i Administration, might be attributed to Baha’is striving for power. "Baha’is officials, Baha’i marriage, celebration days, Baha’i delegation in Parliament and the like are not recognized by the Iranian government, Therefore in Iran too, “a state within a state” is refused, just as it is in the USSR or in the United Arab Republic.

In 1968 President Suharto imposed complete ban on all the Baha’i activities.

Monday, July 26, 2010


The Conclusions are indisputable and cannot be challenged.
  1. Baha’i Faith is not a faith or sect or a Religion it is an Espionage Organization for Zionism and it works on strategies.
  2. Baha’i Faith is the newest Weapon of Zionism a pseudo religion to destroy the revealed Religion.
  3. Baha’ism has an aim of converting every Country to a Baha’i State in Future and they have fixed a date for that.

    Shoghi Effendi said “the Cause of God would... become a state religion and eventually the Baha’i state itself would emerge...”  (Priceless Pearl, p. 440).
  4. Baha’i Administration is nothing but “A STATE WITHIN THE STATE.” And a network to carry out espionage activities.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Baha’i Activities in Indonesia

The National Spiritual Assembly of Baha’is of Indonesia was elected on 21st April 1954.

The Baha’i administration in Haifa entrusted the propagation of the Baha’i Faith in Indonesia to India and of Mentawai Islands to Australia. Baha’is went on forming local Assemblies. They went for mass teaching approach towards propagation of the Baha’i Faith which resulted in the growth of the Baha’i population there. In 1957 they acquired a temple site to build a Baha’i Temple in future. At the same time, Baha’is went on incorporating their local Assembly to avoid any action from the Government of Indonesia in future.

The Baha’i Administration in Haifa called for an international conference of Baha’is in Djakarta on September 21-29, 1958. The Indonesian government realizing that it is a Zionist ploy withdrew the permit for holding the conference. On September 23, chartered planes carried the delegates from Djakarta to Singapore. This was nothing more than a show of strength by the Zionists to the Indonesian government. The conference was shifted to Victoria Memorial Town Hall at Singapore. Many representatives from the Baha’i world centre at Haifa, Israel attended the conference. Some of these include Mr. Leroy Ioas, Mrs. Ioas, Mr. Olinga and Mr. Faizi. At the conference, the delegates were encouraged to increase efforts for mass propagation of the Baha’i Faith in South East Asia. So focused were they on this activity that they even gave this propagation project a name - PROJECT CRUSADE.

Ban on all administrative activities of Baha’is in Indonesia.

The secretive activities of the Baha’is and their receiving orders from their world centre at Haifa - Israel convinced the Indonesian government of the danger of this Zionist group. In 1964 President Suharto imposed a ban on the activities of Baha’i Faith. The National Spiritual Assembly and Local spiritual Assemblies in Indonesia were forbidden to conduct any administrative activities. The ban also included a number of international organizations to conduct any administrative activities - a clear reference and message to the Baha’i World Centre at Israel.

Baha'i Study Circle
But the cunning Baha’is went underground with their propagation and continued their activities despite the ban. Leading to the arrest and detention of many Baha’is. Few were even deported to different places.

In the early 80’s, Baha’is were involved in individual and small group propagation of the Baha’i Faith in Padang and Mentawai Islands, Siberut Islands, Padang, Java, and Djakarta.

Baha’is deceptively converted many inhabitants and opened schools for preaching amongst the children. As a result the government put many Baha’is in jail for their deceptive and secretive activities and insulting Islam.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Betrayal by the Baha’is towards the Government of Indonesia

President Suharto imposed complete ban on Baha'ism in 1968.    Photo Credit : Maya Vidon White
In the year 2000, the ban on Baha’i activities was lifted from the Baha’i Faith after almost three decades, albeit with the condition that no conversion activities will be carried out. The government gave Baha’is the freedom to organize with the understanding that they will organize their meetings only within the Baha’i community. Every type of propagation of Baha’i Faith was forbidden including several methods such as door to door propagation and the use of public events and pamphlets.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs, over and over again informed the Baha’is not to teach people who already have their own religion and were informed about the implication of violating this established government rules (imprisonment).

Baha'i Study Circle
But this was only on paper. The Baha’is were bent upon deceiving the government.

The Baha’is launched full fledged activities in Indonesia starting children classes and junior youth classes fully being aware that these tender souls will not come to know what is hidden behind these so called “moral teachings.”

Teaching Hindus in India
Even today, the UHJ sends travel teachers to Indonesia and pioneers to settle in different parts of Indonesia. These pioneers are full time workers for the Baha’i Faith who carry out their conversion activities and in the process keep on sending strategic information to Israel.

The Baha’is keep on harping the “We do not interfere in politics” principle and claim that as Baha’is, they are supposed to obey the Government. However to even a casual observer, it will be clear that in practice, they act contrary to what they preach. They are fully involved in politics hunting every opportunity to contact government officials to impress upon them and to escape the eyes of the intelligence services of that country.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The island of Sulawesi

The island of Sulawesi is located just east of Indonesia’s middle point. Thirty-one Muslims in the Donggala area of Central Sulawesi have become apostates and converted to the Baha’i religion due to deception. This invited the anger of their neighbors who are sticking firm to Islam, and the displeasure of the local bureaucracy. 

The head of the Religious Affairs Office in Palolo sub-district said that the Baha’i faith, led by one Mulahi, a former marriage counselor, entered Banpers village in the 1990s, and Mulahi had persuaded 31 local people to convert.

But some Muslims in the village are not taking it lying down.

The homes of the Baha’i followers in Banpers are often pelted with stones. Nor is the local government, which held a meeting between concerned Muslims and the Baha’is in September, 2007, wherein the Baha’i adherents were warned to have a think about which religion they wanted to belong to, either Islam, like before, or another religion which was recognized by the government.

The Department of Religion (Depag) has also sent down an investigative team, says Muhammad Ramli in Palu, and they will decide whether Baha’i is a sect within Islam. If so, then the converts or their leaders can likely be prosecuted for blasphemy. Depag also wants to find out how the Baha’i Faith has spread in the area, because if it is being preached to people who already hold a religion, then that may also constitute a crime, he said.

November 8th. Two out of the seven households that converted to Baha’i are said to have returned to Islam, after the two heads of the households, Mulahi (70) and Muslimin (40), met with local leaders. Four others refused to change back to Islam, while the seventh did not turn up.

Muslims who converted to the Baha’i Faith in Sulawesi were convinced by their neighbors and by the local government in 2007. Many returned to the fold of Islam.

Formation of Regional Baha’i Councils
In 1997, The Universal House of Justice based in Haifa Israel send message to the NSA of Indonesia to form Regional Baha’i Councils in Indonesia so as to intensify their activities.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Latest Activities

Different cluster IPG launched
The Baha’is of Indonesia under the guardianship of UHJ and NSA has launched an intensive program of growth i.e. intensive propagation of Baha’i Faith. The areas selected are :
  • Tenggarong Cluster
  • Palu cluster
  • Makasar, in the Island of Celebes
  • Tulungagung cluster
In these areas there are several children classes going on all deceptively without the knowledge of the parents and government. The police of Tulungagung have warned Baha’is not to call non Baha’i children to their classes.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010



A hidden agenda for conversion of Indians
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