Saturday, July 24, 2010

Betrayal by the Baha’is towards the Government of Indonesia

President Suharto imposed complete ban on Baha'ism in 1968.    Photo Credit : Maya Vidon White
In the year 2000, the ban on Baha’i activities was lifted from the Baha’i Faith after almost three decades, albeit with the condition that no conversion activities will be carried out. The government gave Baha’is the freedom to organize with the understanding that they will organize their meetings only within the Baha’i community. Every type of propagation of Baha’i Faith was forbidden including several methods such as door to door propagation and the use of public events and pamphlets.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs, over and over again informed the Baha’is not to teach people who already have their own religion and were informed about the implication of violating this established government rules (imprisonment).

Baha'i Study Circle
But this was only on paper. The Baha’is were bent upon deceiving the government.

The Baha’is launched full fledged activities in Indonesia starting children classes and junior youth classes fully being aware that these tender souls will not come to know what is hidden behind these so called “moral teachings.”

Teaching Hindus in India
Even today, the UHJ sends travel teachers to Indonesia and pioneers to settle in different parts of Indonesia. These pioneers are full time workers for the Baha’i Faith who carry out their conversion activities and in the process keep on sending strategic information to Israel.

The Baha’is keep on harping the “We do not interfere in politics” principle and claim that as Baha’is, they are supposed to obey the Government. However to even a casual observer, it will be clear that in practice, they act contrary to what they preach. They are fully involved in politics hunting every opportunity to contact government officials to impress upon them and to escape the eyes of the intelligence services of that country.


  1. If you are going to use my picture of former President Suharto. It would be nice to at least credit my name! Thank you. Maya Vidon-White

    1. Apologies. I have given credit to you. Please check above.


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