Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Muslim leaders reaction to this Zionist group

The Baha’i religion in the USSR, after the fall of Czar Government was strongly suppressed in 1928 and completely prohibited in 1938. Similarly the Baha’i religion was banned in 1960 in the United Arab Republic; that is, in Egypt and Syria. This was not due to opposition by the Muslim clergy alone but because Baha’ism was only a political party involved in politics and espionage activities in a very secret way. 

One realizes again that since all Christian denominations are tolerated in the USSR as well as in the UAR, there must be special reasons for this ban. 

These Governments viewed The Baha’i Administration as the "state within a state”

The Baha’is cooperation with the newly arrived Zionist was so apparent that Gamal Abdul–Nasser ordered the removals of all Baha’i Communities from Egypt. The “Bureau for Boycott of Israel” organized by the Islamic countries, subjected the Baha’is to the boycott for cooperating with Israel.

President Saddam Hussein put a complete ban on Baha’i activities and dismantled Baha’i Administration completely in 1968. He gave orders that any Baha’i activities will be met with Death Sentence.

The resistance, which the Persian government raised against the Baha’i Administration, might be attributed to Baha’is striving for power. "Baha’is officials, Baha’i marriage, celebration days, Baha’i delegation in Parliament and the like are not recognized by the Iranian government, Therefore in Iran too, “a state within a state” is refused, just as it is in the USSR or in the United Arab Republic.

In 1968 President Suharto imposed complete ban on all the Baha’i activities.

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